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Rain-Out Policy

In case of inclement weather, assume game will be played unless captains receive notice from the league to the contrary. If games are played, each referee will use own discretion when calling off a game due to lightning, bad weather and/or poor field conditions. If a game is postponed or suspended due to weather, all players and referees must leave the field and seek shelter. Once the referees deem it safe to resume play, only then can the players step back onto the field. The game will resume with whatever time is left on clock. If game cannot resume by end of time, the score at the time of suspension stands as final score. We try to provide as much advance notice as possible about game cancellations.

Note On Safety

This soccer league takes the issue of safety very seriously. We ask that you remind your players to play safely and responsibly. The league will take whatever actions necessary to safeguard each and every player participating in our games. We have done this by emphasizing this with our referees and prohibiting and banning any problem players and teams.

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